Katie S.
December 17, 2015

I am one of those unlucky people who take care of my teeth, flosses daily, and still has a filling in every single tooth in my mouth. This makes going to the dentist something to dread. And while I wouldn’t say I love going to any dentist, Dr. O’Brien’s office is great.

First off, the hygienist and receptionist are extremely friendly. When you arrive, you are very promptly taken back to your chair, and I’ve never waited more than five minutes for the appointment to start. They have a good selection of magazines to read as you wait. I have crappy insurance, and the receptionist is good about making sure that she gives me accurate estimates for any dental work I have done. The hygienist always remembers things that are going on in my life and makes a point to follow up on things. They treat you like a person.

Dr. O’Brien did my cleaning herself and is very gentle. While her staff is very outgoing, she is slightly more reserved. It’s not bad, I just get the feeling that she’s happy to have a job where people have their mouth full and can’t chat her up all day long.

Highly recommended.